Wide Ideas is a market research and business development company that has systems that takes the stress out of turning product ideas into viable business opportunities.

We have developed seamless business systems that bridge the gap between products and the markets in which they will be sold.

From Wide Ideas, Swing & Spin Ltd and Thought-to-Market (TtM) have been born. Both Swing & Spin and Thought-to-Market (TtM) are re-envisioned business ventures that build on the expertise acquired by the business systems development of Wide Ideas.

Through our Thought-to-Market (TtM) product development program, we offer research & development, product production & distribution, and marketing & advertising strategies to companies of all sizes – including yours.

We study your business concept to identify the markets that exist for it, assist you in developing prototypes, arrange for manufacturing and distribution, and create marketing & advertising strategies.

Whether you require occasional consulting or full-time services, anytime between conception and sales, our creative and technical solutions will help you achieve your objectives.

Wide Ideas… we turn good ideas into great products.